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Please note that from 6 August 2021 you will need the COVID-19 green certification (Green pass) and an identity document to access the Museum. Alternatively, you may submit a documentation showing a negative swab carried out within the last 48 hours. COVID-19 Green Certification is not required for children who are age-excluded from the vaccination campaign and those who are exempt based on appropriate medical certification.

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The Certification is requested by the verifier to the interested party who shows the relevant QR Code (in digital or paper format).

  1. The VerificaC19 App reads the QR Code, extracts the information and proceeds with the check of the qualified electronic seal.
  2. The VerificaC19 App applies rules to verify that the Certification is valid.
  3. The VerificaC19 App graphically shows the verifier the actual validity of the Certification as well as the name, surname and date of birth of the Certification holder.

The interested party, upon request of the verifier, shows a valid identity document in order to verify the correspondence of the personal data in the document with those displayed by the App.


Public officials in the performance of their duties.

  1. Personnel in charge of controlling entertainment and show business activities in places open to the public or in public establishments registered in the list as per article 3, paragraph 8, of law no. 94 of 15 July 2009.
  2. The owners of accommodation facilities and public establishments where the possession of COVID-19 green certification is required to access, as well as their delegates.
  3. The owner or lawful possessor of places or premises at which events and activities are held and where COVID-19 green certification is required to participate in, as well as their delegates.
  4. Managers of facilities that provide health, social and health care services where visitors are required to have green COVID-19 certification to access, as well as their delegates.


The IO app is one of the channels on which you can receive COVID-19 Green Certification (EU Digital Covid Certificate), also known as Green Pass.

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