Palazzo Blu is pleased to welcome you and to make as enjoyable as possible the time you spend in the exhibition centre, here are some simple rules that all visitors are required to read and respect.


The ticket allows only one access and is not reusable. During the entire museum itinerary, the staff is authorised to request the exhibition of the ticket, which must therefore be kept for the entire duration of the visit.

As for the organization of the offer and the opening hours, always consult the Palazzo Blu's official channels.

Before entering the exhibition area, backpacks, bags, umbrellas and other bulky items must be deposited in the cloakroom. Deposit is free of charge.


All visitors are required to behave in accordance with the common rules of good manners. In general, a behaviour that may jeopardise the safety of the works or other visitors is not permitted. It is necessary to respect the general indications given on the museum signs and those given by the room staff. It is advisable to maintain a moderate tone of voice.
Mobile phones must be switched off or put into silent mode.

However, it is strictly forbidden:

  • To touch art works or place near objects that could damage them
  • To lean against the bases of the sculptures and the walls
  • To run in the museum areas
  • To use trekking sticks
  • To eat and drink in the exhibition areas
  • To introduce liquids except for the so-called LAGs (liquids, aerosols and gels) for medical purposes or for special dietary regimes, including baby foods
  • To smoke (the ban also includes electronic cigarettes)
  • To take pictures with the use of flash; to take pictures or make video recordings with selfie sticks, tripods and professional equipment of any kind
  • To write or dirty walls
  • To litter paper, bottles, chewing gum or other waste: please use the appropriate containers!
  • To introduce knives and/or metal tools of various kinds into the museum; to introduce any type of firearm and/or hazardous material. The access of armed visitors (including those with a regular firearm licence) is also forbidden; other different conditions shall be communicated in advance and possibly authorised by the Director of the Institute.
  • To introduce animals, with the exception of service dogs for the blind, service dogs for assistance to the disabled and pets, whose support for therapeutic care (pet therapy) is certified with attestations issued by doctors of public health facilities.
  • To introduce drones and related devices.
  • The security staff, identified by the badge and by a special uniform, is available to visitors for information on collections, exhibitions and cultural events and services offered by the museum. The staff is responsible for the safety of the works on display and of the people and for the respect of these regulations. Visitors are therefore required to follow the instructions given by the security staff, who are entitled to intervene if necessary and also to remove those who, through their behaviour, endanger the safety of the art works or disturb other visitors.
  • In terms of photographic shooting, we want to specify that, according to the Law Decree 83/2014 (art. 12, paragraph 3), it is permitted to take pictures of works (with the exception of those exhibited in temporary exhibitions) for personal use and study, provided that they do not require the use of tripods and additional lights. For other uses (publications or derivative uses, including for commercial purposes), authorisation must be obtained and, where applicable, a fee must be paid.
  • Please also remember that it is permitted to draw and take notes with a pencil, or with digital devices, while the use of colours, tripods, lecterns and other bulky media or equipment is not allowed.


  • Ciascun gruppo non può superare le 25 persone.
  • The groups must remain united, follow the guide or the teacher/escort and behave in a convenient and respectful manner, as per the above rules.
  • No kind of amplifier is allowed.
  • During the guided tour, the tone of the voice must be such that it does not disturb other visitors.
  • Groups of at least ten people, including guides, are required to use whispered headsets that allow guides to keep their voices low.
  • It is forbidden to use laser pointers to indicate works.


  • The teaching staff can find information on the educational offer and related material on this link.
  • School groups must be organised in groups of a maximum of 25 pupils, plus escorts.
  • Teachers are responsible for their classes; they must keep them united and disciplined and ensure that the behaviour of the pupils is respectful of the place, of the other visitors and in general complies with the rules set out above.


The exercise of the tourist guide profession within Palazzo Blu is permitted only to professional guides, according to current legislation.


In case of large numbers of visitors, in order to protect the safety of the works on display and the visitors themselves, the staff is entitled to regulate the flow of visitors to avoid overcrowding inside the exhibition areas and to temporarily close some of the rooms, by modifying the visit itinerary.