Manuele Fior. Viaggio a colori

20 April 2024 - 1 September 2024

The exhibition, an out-and-out journey in and through the colour that distinguishes the original plates of four marvellous works that cover fifteen years of intense creative activity (5,000 Kilometers per Second, The Interview, Celestia, Hypericon), represents a unique opportunity to enter the fascinating world drawn by Manuele Fior, one of the greatest international talents in the field of comics and illustration.

Born in Cesena, on 25th April 1975, Fior is a highly appreciated illustrator on the international scene, endowed with fine graphic sensitivity and a powerful sense of colour that make him immediately recognisable. His work is sought-after by leading Italian and International publishers, while his illustrations regularly appear in Italian and foreign periodicals and dailies. He has received numerous prizes and awards.
Upon entering the rooms hosting the exhibition visitors will be immersed in evocative landscapes, strongly characterized on a pictorial level – the reference to Rothko in Celestia is evident, for example – which play on the tense border between reality and fantasy, surprising the observer with streets, buildings and houses seemingly familiar yet decontextualized. The exhibition rooms invite the viewer to get lost in the yellow of memories, in the brown of ancient, rediscovered lands, in the black and white atmosphere of great science fiction films, confirming the artist’s remarkable technical ability: “I have drawn with rulers, theodolites, computers, tempera, and charcoal. I have plied my craft in the desert, underground, in a cemetery, on top of a Roman ruin, in the choir of Trondheim Cathedral”.